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why is this happening to me
Hey, I'm not dead!

I just, you know, popped out an heir of my own, so I haven't been able to play much lately. I read through a bunch of awesomesauces, though, and have gotten inspiration to pick mine back up. My brown generation heir is now a toddler, actually. And yes. I've only done one update. LOL.

BUT, 1.2 is on the way, and I'm working on the caps for everything up through the black generation, so I'm aiming to do at least two updates per month until I'm caught up.

I've got a busy few days ahead of me, but look for 1.2 within a week. The purple generation was kind of meh for me, (whereas I'm absolutely in LOVE with everyone else's. Mewtwo, Wisteria, Maya and Plum were all my favourites of their respective stories, and so I am sad that my purple-gen turned out to be an annoying brat, lol.) and I don't get magic w/o Freetime, so that's lame. But the black generation totally made up for it, IMHO. It was super fun to play, even though I felt terrible about it and kept wanting to intercede the whole time.

Orange was tough for me like it always is when I've tried, (I did a couple starts at the awesomesauce before, and orange ALWAYS kills me) but I LOVE my orange heir, so it actually ended up being really fun. And d'awwwwuh (possible) brown heir is a freaking cute toddler.

I've been moving out sims instead of letting them die of old age, because they ended up becoming semi-important in other houses of the neighbourhood, (read: they'll not get promoted or something stupid like that because I'm too lazy to have them make another friend to replace them) and also ):


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